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as Christmas draws near, sneaker brands are beginning to introduce their own Christmas style shoes. The classic Nike Hyperdunk 2012 Low also launched their new design Christmas products, this shoe body with silver and white Hyperfuse vamp as main material, bright red cap collocation Swoosh, mint green lining and dynamic fly line technology and gray Lunarlon beneath the crystal bottom, reproduction of the red and green theme of Christmas with you red shoelaces and perfect on the tongue with a Christmas hat in hand the Gingerbread Man Basketball shape, is one of the highlights of this section. New products are not available now. They are expected to be on Christmas Eve, and friends are welcome. year engraved or launching a new Air Jordan 1 has become routine, but next year will be slightly different, or that is more exciting, because next year will be in the details fully engraved year color Air Jordan 1 High second, as the first double bull color OG row Retro spy photos, in addition the new color, still a lot, the green version of classic New York color and conspicuous. So many colors, there is always a move you, then you are next year enough money to save it?Nike-Air-Max-95-Jacquard-QS-1.jpg (105.54 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-7-18 16:03 upload to change on the occasion of 20th anniversary Nike Air 95 Max Jacquard launched a new fabric, in the basic outline of the change, to knit uppers exposed Flywire to release the whole collocation this pair of classic shoes, to visualize the concept of human fascia and muscle is more complete. recently foreign websites al jordan 3 katrina 2018 so demonstrates on foot Air Max 95 Ultra Jacquard with real care provides you as a reference, in the comparison of two pairs of shoes of different color, can be seen by the Jacquard fabric material details reconcile, in addition to the original black / green fluorescent version, white and grey collocation also create a simple but yet texture changes. Nike-Air-Max-95-Jacquard-QS-2.jpg (95.82 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-7-18 16:03 upload Nike-Air-Max-95-Jacquard-QS-4.jpg (149.55 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-7-18 16:03 upload Nike-Air-Max-95-Jacquard-QS-5.jpg (149.85 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-7-18 16:03 upload Nike-Air-Max-95-Jacquard-QS-6.jpg (150.85 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-7-18 16:03 upload Adidas D Rose 6 Boost new kind of spy Author: Yi cloud in the sky in 2015-3-30 stroke 08:49:38 reading: 164 recommended: 0 reply: 0 category: SNK shoes information the day before yesterday at the Chinese version of the Christmas themed rush only in the past two days, the sneaker had to regroup battles. Because for most FoamPosite, the sneaker series is far more than the Nike big three shoe models worth starting. This Nike Air FOAMPOSITE Pro flash yellow green color has landed Chinese version, and will be held tomorrow limited sale, the official price of 1749 yuan. more the latest shoes running shoes, NBA anecdotes and sports knowledge, please pay attention to the most Niubi sports equipment community [when off], cheap air jordans microblogging search "when off, micro channel search dunkhome and extra welfare wayward send.In the winter of 2013, Reebok again introduced a typical Reebok Classic shoes, with innovative style and product portfolio, so that Reebok Classic shoes at the forefront of fashion. Reebok Classic through the marathon running shoes model GL6000 presents strong brand sports history, change the color of the fresh GL6000 series, in this season, more and more highlight their own unique style "". Whether you're on the runway or walking through the streets, getting into an office or a nightclub party, it's just as impressive. TA classic is trendy in the traditional design at the same time to create a retro pop color shoe body color, 3M reflective material collocation net surface material combination shoe equipped with full of rich British style British flag, the tongue of the "Starcrest" embroidered logo show the identity of the Classic shoes. Concise and full of hierarchy of appearance, coupled with traditional scientific and technological performance, so that GL6000 has a marathon pedigree, more in line with the fashionable people for the retro aesthetic requirements of shoes. TA have enough enough mix TA is the "Cool Guy" - "Cool Grey" is widely used in color retro shoes, Chinese translated into "cool ash" can directly express the color brings cool high-end feeling. This season GL6000 proficiency in the use of different levels of the "cool ash" hidden red, blue black collocation. The main leisure style, strengthen its minimalist style that is applicable to all kinds of daily wearing jeans and a T-shirt that pl jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black ace, suit narrow leg pants will easily win; the latter in deep blue outline with stable, if the whole body of black and white color collocation, thick Hi-fashion fan is so simple. TA is also a "Evolving Gal" - the girls who like the trend of shoes are always attracted to the compact white system, all because of the strong plasticity of this color. The loose trousers rolled up exposed ankle, neutral wind GL6000 can interpret absolutely not lose in any type of payment; if a collocation of retro style hat, early twentieth Century Sen female wind will just come; also. Levi's x reported earlier NIKE Series in addition to two twill denim material Dunk Low Pro, in which there is a Omar Salazar LR also recently surfaced, this is also the name of Omar Salazar occupation slide shoes LR shoes Omar Salazar hand, the material selection of more wear resistant material and black suede, YISHION performance. That is, with Levi's cooperation, it is necessary to join people familiar with the Levi's elements, in heel and insole classic red logo, simple and clear. Can now be purchased through NIKE SB and Atlas retail store or online: source: Atlas Facebook users recently crazy pass two photos, Adidas seems to have a big move recently. in the analysis of numerous, the most promising is Falcon's return, as a very popular product, before being accident shelved and are now back in the is also reasonable.USA famous sports media Fawkes sports (FoxSports) rating of NBA star ranking history. Most of the fans who love the debate is the greatest star. But very few people will go to the 1 history list. Today we s foamposites for cheap ee. In the eyes of foreign media NBA ranking position!. 12, kobebryant. could not change any evaluation of the historical status of Kobe. 11, Robertson oscar. said if David Robinson is one of the most underrated players. The Oscar Robertson is the most neglected player. Although what the rhythm of the times faster than it is now. You just admit. In the 1 season run to three double or super unbelievable. 10, Hakim Olajuwon . Olajuwon has a very different career. He has thirty years old only after reaching the peak. At both ends. The peak of the dream will dominate. If there is a present. He is the people who can add James. nine, Larry bird. In the top ten in the list. Everywhere can be tucao. Larry Bird here only in ninth due to his injuries. And?? He did not like to curry the latest change of basketball style. She came in ninth because she doesn't throw more 3 points. 08, Wilt Chamberlain . we have said. The modern basketball competition level is very high. We have said that Chamberlain in discussing the dominant time. But her age is not so competitive. For all that?? He failed to beat Russell. Seven, Bill Russell . we (Fawkes sports) had put him in the third row. But it is on today. Taking into account the various reasons. We do not believe that she will be better than the first six outstanding. But if you let her in the top 3. We also do not appear to oppose. 6, Magic Johnson . if the magician did so early retirement (retiring in 1991. The magician only brush the twelve season). The magician will be history second. five, Tim Duncan. Duncan defines one of the most successful basket Cheap air jordans for sale ball team in the history of nearly 20 years. From the time he entered the NBA. He is a successful player in the 1 league. Although people can not let the ruling force linked with Duncan. But that is a misunderstanding of "1". Duncan's defense will change the game. But Duncan makes fewer mistakes. This is her advantage. 04, Shaquille ONeil . I know some people think that O'neal is the only player around ten a ago. Look at her career, you will feel her and lack of effort. In first a championship after she began to decline year by year. But she and the dressing room so the positive significance. Is her system 〉[global shoes network] popular fashion this season, light music, light music...... Because of the importance of life, only now, "light" concept everywhere. The fashion industry that always makes fashion is also popular. Plaid Shirt between handsome and sexy plaid shirt is checkered in recent years has been the masters respected fashion design elements. Plaid shirt as a super all-match must-have type by the majority of women favor this summer, plaid shirt is still super hot.The Classic skirt outline curve. classic retro cool skirt skirt is women could not help the temptation of summer. This season has given us with dynamic opportunity, a mini skirt, wanton swing your waistline is wrong!The color changeable woman "lust", more cynical in summer. The summer hit color continued, red orange yellow green blue purple color, no matter what, as long as the collocation of good, all to greet him, this is the summer)as closely related to the state policy of the footwear industry, every new policy introduced, will receive a pull, launched the whole body effect. In the end, the main reason is China shoes there are still many insufficiencies, these backward still need the support of the government to get forward, not difficult to understand, most of China shoe enterprises to national policy with very eager to look forward to. But after all, the policy is policy, lack of human nature, but also the lack of complete generality, so when the new policy layer out of demand, shoe prices will be dark when the Ming dynasty. "12th Five-Year" into focus; "environmental protection" shoes are popular in the "12th Five-Year" plan at the beginning of the year, energy-saving emission reduction is still the focus of attention, the shoe also seems to find inspiration for the low carbon concept into the development of the footwear industry to which can be described as a major innovation highlights. Looking back in 2010, China's shoes industry has encountered unprecedented challenges such as RMB appreciation, rising production costs and shortage of migrant workers. However, the footwear industry still shows the advantages of development. China Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University National Research Center Director Hu Angang believes that the China "12th Five-Year" national planning of green development planning is the world's first proposed, which not only shows that China has maintained and developed countries, even China means possible development in the green one step ahead, green development to become the biggest bright spot in 12th Five-Year "plan, 24 indicators proposed in the" 12th Five-Year "plan, involving green index accounted for 1/3, this makes the footwear industry is labor-intensive industries on how to transition to the green development plan in response to NPC and CPPCC"". it is understood that, in order to promote awareness of environmental protection, Adidas also launched a special environmental protection sports shoes shoes styles, fabrics with natural organic material, can be fully recycled, minimize the pollution of the environment. The main characteristic of this material is that it has strong breathability and comfortable wearing. The brand will also prevent the two pollution of the chemical dye when it initiates the natural ecology. Consumers are also gradually low carbon environmental protection concept as a new consumer standard, in all walks of life are playing green cards, environmental shoes are popular, it is not surprising. shoe prices test the new policy, shoes enterprises feel a great gap, Wenling Hengfeng street to the traditional shoe-making enterprises, the number of more than 2000, gathered nearly one hundred thousand people. With the RMB appreciation accelerated, foreign trade enterprises profit margins under severe challenge, many companies reflect some export contracts are profitable, such as foreign exchange, may be due to the appreciation of the renminbi and come to nothing. The street has the right of self export enterprisesTextiles, garments, leather goods, toy exports...... Chinese foreign trade the most active in the three overseas market or will encounter from India comprehensive snatch. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Ministry of Commerce, the India government has long been brewing a series of measures to encourage domestic exports have been officially introduced. Among them, including grants of about $350 million for export enterprises subsidies, and textiles, clothing, leather goods, , textiles and clothing, leather goods, toy exports...... Chinese foreign trade the most active in the three overseas market or will encounter from India comprehensive snatch. : yesterday, the reporter learned from the Ministry of Commerce, the India government has long been brewing a series of measures to encourage domestic exports has been officially introduced. Among them, including the allocation of about 350 million U. s.dollars for export enterprises subsidies, and textile, clothing, leather products, handicrafts, toys and other export tax rebate rate increased by 3%, and other products export tax rebate rate increased by 2%. While in India, in order to expand export policy adjustments, China is still hovering in the key link with the U.S. Department of Commerce Trade contacts. Liang Yanfen, director of the world trade and Economic Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce Chinese said earlier that India will produce pressure on the Chinese textile exports, the former textile has shown Chinese alternative market potential. At the same time, the effects of the previous Chinese toy exports by the United States, massive recall, also has the market competitiveness of the India toy exports will also in export tax rebates and other incentives to improve, resulting in economic impact on the Chinese export toy market. (Editor: admin).