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Chinese shoes Network November 20 hearing, ?? Subject: although far away in a foreign country, but encountered rough still did not forget the newspaper for help. Two days ago, the Chinese workers in Nike contract factories in Vietnam to reflect, including membership of a worker in Guangzhou in mainland China, including 81 factory workers were refused the contract, but no daily overtime overtime. & nbsp; ?? Results: Reporters learn more about 81 workers work the truth, and with the local Chinese Consulate General in Vietnam, Nike company to contact the other party agreed to mediate the matter fully. "Our work in Nike contract factories in Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City, these two days were forced to slow down protest, Taiwan has no boss to sign a contract, overtime has not landed!" The day before yesterday evening, one from Vietnam overseas call reached the newspaper hotline 87388888. According to the workers on behalf of Mr. Xu introduced, he himself comes from rural Hubei, four years ago to Pou (Vietnam) Company, which is one of Nike's contractors, but also by Nike's "Code of Conduct" constraint . But in fact, they are 81 people in this line is not guaranteed, not only did not sign labor contracts, and did not even overtime. "Vietnamese workers have signed, but only the rest we!" One wo cheap air jordans rker from Guangzhou Lai wave (a pseudonym) revealed that many of them come to work for more than 10 years, said upper surface It is middle managers, but in fact did not sign the contract, overtime without overtime pay. In desperation, they are on 16 to 18 November in protest collective sabotage, but has not been clearly answered. Their company, Nike monthly production of more than 1.2 million pairs of sports shoes. "before fifty-six hours of overtime a day, now have twenty-three hours!" said a Mr. Zhang from Henan, he said he has been in the company for six years, the same every day, "is working overtime" often work more than 12 hours, several applications have been rejected contract. "The boss attitude is very clear, you do it, not to leave it, it's obvious you do not want to sign a contract, forcing we are helpless." According to reports, according to Nike contractor "code of conduct", the contractor should ensure compliance with the statutory working time system, overtime arrangements prerequisite is to ensure that every employee must receive statutory subsidies that pay the overtime. Mr. Xu told reporters calculations, he is now a monthly income of about 7,000 yuan, while Nike and Vietnam by local regulations, overtime pay at least 1.5 times more than usual, down conversion, His Cheap foamposites for sale loss of overtime per month, accounting for about 50% of current revenue. They asked the factory to pay back overtime pay, and signed contracts and overtime agreement. reporter to the Guangzhou Municipal Labor Advisory Board, the other recommendations to the local Chinese Consulate workers in Vietnam, Nike seeking assistance, or prosecution in local courts. Nike Vietnam yesterday responded, all Nike contract must comply with the company's "Code of Conduct", otherwise it will be punished or even be terminated cooperation, they will send someone to the plant mediation. Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam Chinese consular staff said they had received a complaint the workers, has been sent to the company to investigate, to urge them to sign the contract.Nike WMNS Air Huarache black and white color appreciation Author: Yi Yun cloud in the sky, 2015-2-5 16:04:47 read: 307 recommended: 0 reply: 0 categories: SNK tide shoes information0.jpg (44.79 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-11-3 17:12 upload Selective 1.jpg (335.17 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-11-3 17:12 uploadvisvim 2015 autumn and winter quarter already underway, it has also released a number of new quarterly single product, aspects footwear, there CHRIST Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale O AND VIGIL BOOTS-FOLK (KNGR) as the main two classic shoes. 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This also makes its become after Michael Jordan, Jason Richardson, Nate Robinson after the fourth successfully won the slam dunk contest champion player. Here together to enjoy the wonderful performance Lavin 6 dunks. first button: second button: third button fourth button: fifth button: sixth button: enjoy over Lavin guards level dunk show, let's shoes on the feet know today as. Nike seems to be feeling in advance to the Lavin today will be staged fantastic performances, in advance for the prepared a pair of Nike hyperdunk 2015 low PE, left and right foot respectively with orange and black mosaic of yin and Yang of color design, abnormal eye-catching. But it is a pity that the current Nike did not give the relevant market information. source: BetterFeeCc"What the" color appear largely on the shoes classic summary, relatively gorgeous color collocation is good for the street will run, but the volume is less so that many fans have a headache. 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This year in 1989 to be loyal to maintain color classic styling, lime, more amazing is the shoe tail of logo will be the most classic "NIKE AIR" logo. But this also belongs to the remastered series, believe in quality assurance is quite. It is reported that the white cement will be released in February 13th next year, priced at $220. Interested friends must be and wallet Jun good communication, reserve a silver bullet to meet this double super popular for sale. Text: Kobe source: Sneakerfiles2008-12-15 10:15 source: Yongjia net Author: Yongjia net Click: second Huanglong, a shoe enterprise staff because of dissatisfaction with the director, stole a computer in the factory and more than 300 employee ID card. The day before, Huanglong police cracked the case. Huanglong police station police said, in November 9th, Huanglong street, a shoe manufacturer, Mr. Xue ran to the report, said the factory has a customer information and a computer more than 300 employees ID stolen. If the suspects use these Huanglong shoes, an employee of the company because of dissatisfaction with the director, stole a computer in the factory and more than 300 employee ID card. The day before, Huanglong police cracked the case. Huanglong police station said that in November 9th, Huanglong street in a shoe person in charge Mr. Xue to institute report, said the factory has customer data to a computer and more than 300 employees of ID theft. if criminal suspects use these ID cards to do illegal things, the consequences will be serious. Huanglong police station for full investigation of the case. After investigation found that the factory staff Chen has a major crime suspects. according to Chen explained, in October this year, he came to Wenzhou from Guangdong, defected to his parents, and with his parents into the Huanglong street, a shoe prices. Dissatisfied with the supervisor, he got the idea to revenge the factory. Chen said, stealing identity cards is to bring trouble to the factory. at present, Chen has been criminal detention. The case is still under further investigation. (editor in chief: admin)As early as 2013 on the network exposure on this version of Air Jordan 11 Tuxedo color Low, the classic black and white color simpleyet Zhuanzu shoes many eyeballs, but this also failed to enter the Jordan Brand sale list. Recently, foreign game player again released this picture, nylon fabric, leather shoes and outsole by black lining and insole throughout, and then use the white collocation, presumably a lot of shoes and many for its title Oreo. At present, there is still no sign of the sale, interested friends may wish to find traces of landing eBay. air-jordan-11-low-tuxedo-1.jpg (330.21 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 11 Low Tuxedo 2015-9-30 09:31 upload Jordan, network 00