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Michael Jordan once the Nike " The Master" posters; inspiration for the design of the Air Jordan 12 will be officially on sale in the spring. Black shoes collocation metal shoe buckle, a little white decorative details Jumpman Logo, low-key and does not lose the feeling. Air Jordan 12 Retro "The Master "release date: 2016-02-27color: Black/Rattan-White-Metallic Goldnumber: 130690-013price: $190source: solecollectorHi, buddy! bring your dream, let us ride on the road. take your bike, let us use the wheel to measure life. 1. Schwalbes Procore dual chamber tire this is new for mountain bike tire system, it will tire is divided into two parts, the outer ring and vacuum tyre structure, while the inner loop is followed traditional tube structure. Different pressure of the gas in the outer ring and the inner ring, the outer ring of the pressure is low, can make tires grip the road better, and inner pressure is very high, firmly wrapped around the rim, to prevent movement. The design of such , although slightly increased the weight of the tire, but can provide a stronger grip. Zackees 2. signal gloves if you are the leader of the team, it is not easy to tell the person behind the right direction. Zackees design of this luminous gloves, in the back jordans on sale online of the gloves on the light-emitting LED lights. With it, when encountering the bifurcation junction, leader can raise your right hand, elegant to tell others what direction should go down the street and not shout themselves hoarse shouting. Calfee Design 3. design can be deformed single / double bike if two people out of romance, of course, hope to be able to ride a bicycle. But, at ordinary times also pedal a pair of bicycle, it is a very strange thing. So Calfee design designed this combination can bike, when needed, the installation of accessories, can be transformed, into a tandem bicycle, and usually is still a single bicycle. Skylock 4. solar lock to unlock the bike is no longer trouble, Skylock solar lock can not only through the phone to control the lock, and even close to a certain distance, solar power will automatically unlock the lock. If you are a friend to borrow the car, Skylock solar lock can set the model of friends and relatives, so that friends can also unlock. Because of solar energy, so Skylock as long as the sun in the sun for 1 hours, enough to provide a week of electricity. Bygen Hank Direct Bike5.this is a structure on the innovation of the bike, it did not see the traditional bicycle chain sprocket and chain, it al jordan 3 katrina 2018 so does not require the front and rear transmission, it is very different. Bygen Hank's direct bike directly pedaling, direct effect on the rear wheel of the bicycle can avoid energy in the transfer process of damage, let the car feels more powerful and the structure is also more streamlined. Shimano XTR D〉 6.NBA officially announced the 2015 all star players on the list of players. The west is harden, Durant, Wei Shao, Duncan, Paul, Thompson, and Aldridge, to the East is the eagle will Teague, Millsap, Horford, coupled with Owen, Butler, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade. Rockets star Howard regret losing. all star first round is produced by the fans vote, more competition is popular, and the replacement list is the coach of the team by the NBA30 training out of the. Coaches will pay more attention to the player's performance this season, as well as his team's record. Hawks three players Teague, Millsap and Howard Ford fame are not, but because of the team's record is really good, they also selected to prove the selection principle of the League coaches. is worth mentioning is that due to the Kobe Bryant due to injury claims the season, NBA president of Silverstone will be in the Western Conference selected a person to replace pan in the cheap foamposites all star game. And Kobe Bryant's starting position is decided by the Western Coach Cole, he will be in the bench, pick a, currently most likely candidate is Thompson or harden. And this year all star Western Coach, is the warrior's Cole - Steve. A lot of the previous analysis, Cole coach will choose their own Eder Thompson into the starting. However, Cole himself in an interview, but that joked, "let them harden and Thompson) by shooting deciding how... Can the circle than shooting, who first dropped into who went first." in addition, once harden and Thompson in the starting line-up, western also need to nominate a players into the squad, from the current point of view, and pioneer of the king's cousins, Lillard is undoubtedly the most promising candidates. 2015 year NBA all star game will be in Beijing time on February 14 to 16 in New York held, this year's All-Star game by the Knicks and nets the home teams jointly hosted. Among them, the end of the all star game will be in the Nicks team at home to Madison Square Garden. the following is a replacement list heat Wade eleventh selected all star. hawks Teague's first career all star. bulls Butler - Jimmy career first selected all star. heat's Bosh career tenth selected all star. all star M Cheap foamposites for sale VP Irwin was selected to third all star. hawks Millsap second selected all star. hawks of the third selected all star. warriors Thompson first selected the all star. Harden time third rockets all star. Paul eighth clippers NBA all star. spurs Deng Kensheng 〉 following yesterday's Stephen & middot; Cooley lead exposure in the curry 2 upcoming releases news, overwhelmed shoes officially by the UA official release; from the point of view of official science and technology configuration, shoe money follows the previous generation high help shape, but on the vamp material is thus AnaFoam changed into the new seamless material SpeedFoam, with more sophisticated and comfortable fit, and in in on the bottom, and curry 1 are the same, is still a brand is currently the mainstream charged cushioning. it is reported, the several color with the Asia library opened the first appearance, and the sale date of this "iron Sharpens iron color, is set on October 24. source: solecollectorEND. X Saucony Shadow 5000 "Burger" official coming out 2014-05-06 22:49:53 Following the first exposure last week, a few days ago by the sports brand & nbsp; Saucony joint British fashion names are & nbsp; END together to create a & nbsp;. Shadow 5000 "Burger" finally cheap air jordans unveiled the truth. Shoes uses traditional American fast food food "hamburger" for design inspiration, to represent the bread, vegetables and meat pie of brown, green, red shoes as the main tone, supplemented pink laces and Logo, is printed on the tongue It has a unique pattern of hamburger, very interesting design. It is reported that this & nbsp;. END x Saucony Shadow 5000 "Burger" starting from May 3 major designated shops for sale worldwide. suspected Solider 7 Beta Sample Spy Shots 2013-12-08 22:42:07 Network has just exposed a Solider 7 Wear Test Sample pictures, recently this Solider 7 spy photos of exposure, this test version Sample let everybody have unlimited reverie. From the outside it is very close to the huge upper Velcro 6 Solider descent. What exactly is its identity? Let us wait and see. Nike LeBron 12 GS "Supes" is now on sale 2015-02-05 14:44:46 Nike LeBron another color GS 12 was on sale recently, color inspiration for this pair is called "Supes" shoes from the famous American comic book character "Superman (Superman)", you can see these shoes uses blue and red color, which is the color of the clothes worn by Superman, translucent rubber sole, silhouetted against the fluorescent green cushion, the overall feeling is very colorful, it is learned that the shoes are priced at $ 160, like friends do not miss . & nbsp; atmos x Reebok Classic Leather 30 anniversary of the joint shoes Post 2013-12-08 23:34:01 To commemorate its sports brand Reebok classic shoes & nbsp; Reebok Classic Leather 30th anniversary of the birth, has launched a co-branded version of & nbsp countless year; Reebok Classic Leather. But this wave of the 30th anniversary of joint planning is continuing, overwhelmed by Reebok has teamed famous Japanese fashion store atmos, launched in helping version of a & nbsp; 30 anniversary atmos x Reebok Classic Leather co-branded version. Shoes shoes use leather, mesh and canvas material combinations to create, and carry on the color system of shoelaces, outdoor feeling full. And & nbsp; atmos also injected this year's hottest shoe camouflage elements, and both sides of the body at the shoe equipped with a lot of luminous elements, it is special.Beijing time on June 5th, the NBA finals G2 in Oracle stadium, with a giant warrior play 132-113 blood child home court made the finals Knight 2 game winning streak, and NBA playoff winning streak to 14 wins. The warriors scored 18 points in three, setting the NBA finals a single game three points hit a new high. player data, the warriors Durant scored 33 points and 13 rebounds and 6 assists and 3 steals and 5 blocks, Curitiba cut down the first three double career playoff scoring 32 points, 10 rebounds and 11 assists, Klein - Thompson scored 22 points in 7, but Green scored 12 points with 6 rebounds and 6 assists James Knight; 12 of 18 shots and scored 29 points 11 rebounds and 14 assists, made individual finals eighth times three pairs, tying Magic Johnson tied finals three double top, Loew the game scored 27 points and 7 rebounds, Erwin struggled with 23 vote in only 8 scored 19 points 2 rebounds and 7 assists. below is the highlights. the next game will be played in Cleveland on Thursday, June 8th. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! recently, the famous shoes photography account sneakerprophet_ INS; in the exposure of a few Adidas UltraBOOST MID own ATR to create special shoes. With the support of the Primeknit weaving technique, the black and red bands interweave the body of the shoe with a rich and gradual texture, echoing the volcanic background of the later stage. And , Adidas, UltraBOOST, MID, ATR, and the zigzag lines are also shown by the soles of the leaves left on the magma. Ignite! It is reported that in the version of the Adidas UltraBOOST MID tube socks ATR will be available in the autumn October, look forward to it. 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